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May 29, 2012

The driveway sealer is almost done and I’ve found the Home Equity Line of Credit check book. Rosalie came looking for me for a walk this morning and hollered me out of bed under the open window in the closet twin bed. I was filthy still after just dusting off my feet after midnight trying to finish edging the debris from the driveway. Scraping dirt at midnight from “the off street parking” area, i.e. that little two car spot off the main driveway half way up. We walked and talked. From 9-1 PM I worked on the driveway as did the sealer.

Pulling ivy, cutting back raspberries and ground cover  I don’t know what to call except ground cover. There is a little Euphorbia still on the hill. It’s toxic to skin. I also have an enormous bull’s eye rash on my arm identified by  Rosalie so maybe that’s the culprit.

I have a blister near my thumb from raking and scraping. The air conditioning isn’t working at all. I’ve had it on for two hours and it’s not cooled at all. What does that mean? The fan is working. Should have got shades long ago. Maybe it just needs freon. They don’t even use freon anymore I understand because it kills the ozone.  More expense. Does it ever end?

There are still tacks in the closet upstairs so I can’t walk into the closet without getting my feet beat up with tacks. Put down a roll of carpet.





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